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Sewing Thread Information Bulletin

Product Description

Premo XTR Tex 70 is a bonded continuous filament nylon sewing thread designed to provide excellent sewing performance in all types of upholstery applications. Premo XTR Nylon is constructed from a single end of high-tenacity (type 6.6) nylon that provides excellent strength and abrasion resistance in the finished product. A lubricant with a blend of silicones is applied to Premo XTR to profice even frictional properties and superior resistance to heat during the sewing process.

Primary Raw Materials

  • Nylon high-tenacity continuous multi filament
  • Silicone blended lubricant

Typical Raw Material Characteristics

  • Melting point: Between 480° - 500° F; it will burn in fire
  • Excellent strength and abrasion resistance
  • Good ultraviolet (UV) light resistance
  • Good resistance to most chemicals except some acids
  • Appearance: White semi dull

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