All Hallow’s Eve: time for Halloween fun!

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The autumn solstice has arrived and Halloween is well on its way!

When I think of Halloween, I always think of costume parties. I love a great costume party, especially when the host or hostess and all the attendees are completely committed (no one likes a party pooper). Costumes are a great way to express your sense of humor and even your deepest fears and of course, to scare the pants off of your friends. Children also love Halloween parties and indulging on yummy sweets while showing off their favorite costumes.
Halloween Orange and Black
With just a little over a month to spare, it is time to start planning décor for your Halloween party! Black and orange are the quintessential colors signifying this spooky holiday. Think: screeching black cats, creepy jack-o-lanterns, sticky cobwebs, blood-thirsty bats, menacing ghouls, etc. Getting chills yet?










Blackout Drapes Blog Image
Of course, one of the very first things to do when preparing your home for a scary evening is to completely shut out all sources of light. Blackout drapes are perfect for this. They block out all sunlight, creating the perfect darkness. (Not to mention they provide excellent insulation for that cold October night.) Black out drapes do not have to be made from dark fabric to block light. Instead, these drapes include a thick Hanes® Eclipse liner that comes in either white or ivory, making it perfect to pair with light fabrics. Having a light-color liner gives you the option to choose a fabric that works for your everyday décor so that your drapes won’t be one-time use only.

Go all out, wear a hysteric costume, and most importantly, have fun this Halloween!

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