Mudrooms can provide a barrier to outdoor allergens and pesticides

Mudrooms provide a great place to drop off not only umbrellas, jackets and muddy boots but also all those outdoor allergens and pesticides that are easily transferred by your clothes and shoes directly into your home. Having a mudroom that separates the outside from the indoors is a necessary barrier when you are dealing with pollutants and toxins. Cleaner air quality and less cleaning products consumed is a huge benefit to your health and pocket book.

If you have children, mudrooms are even more essential. Children behaviors, such as playing on the ground or on the lawn where pesticides are commonly applied, or putting objects in their mouths, increase their chances of exposure to pesticides. Adverse effects of pesticide exposure range from mild symptoms of dizziness and nausea to serious, long-term neurological, developmental and reproductive disorders. So its no joke that having laundry rooms, back entry ways and mudrooms cut down on this exposure.

Having a mudroom or entry way can also be very economical. Taking your shoes off in a mudroom will save you money and the hassle of cleaning your carpets, not to mention, lessen the danger in the harsh chemicals that are often used during the clean up. Having proper storage for items can keep things organized and sanitary. And you know what they say, cleanliness is next to Godliness. Keeping floors clean by sweeping and using mops often will cut down on tracking pollutants in the rest of your home. Allowing proper places for wet coats and umbrellas to dry is critical for keeping mildew and mold forming spores from getting on your clothes and walls.Choose environmentally safe products to help protect you and your loved ones from further chemical exposure. Inexpensive products like baking soda is very safe to clean with and does the job.

Who knew mudrooms could be so beneficial to your health and well being. Isn’t that what its really about, keeping your home and family healthy and happy?

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