Create the Ultimate Outdoor Entertaining Space

No matter who’s getting their hands dirty behind the grill, the space still needs that special touch to make it more than just dinner time. The perfect patio is now synonymous with summer and, not to mention, the perfect place for cookouts. From family get-togethers to girls’ nights in, see what it takes to make your outdoor dining and patio space the envy of the neighborhood.

Set a Theme for Your Patio

Even before you start planning the perfect cookout, set a theme for your patio and grilling area. Think about the time you’ll be spending outdoors and how often you’ll want to switch up your outdoor décor. Make your largest and most expensive pieces ones that will last for years to come. Consider using neutrals for your base and introducing colors with throw pillows, cushions, and drapery. This creates flexibility from season to season without breaking the bank.

Custom daybed cushion with pillows and outdoor drape.

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What’s the right throw pillow size for your decor?

What’s the right throw pillow size for your decor?

Custom Throw Pillows from Cushion Source

Custom Throw Pillows from Cushion Source

Throw pillows are an easy way to accent any space. Toss these on sofas, chairs, window seats and more to provide color and softness to a living area with minimal commitment. Throw pillows come in all different sizes, and choosing a specific size can be difficult if you don’t know the correct way to measure a throw pillow. If you’re unsure of what throw pillow size to order, here is a brief explanation of pillow measurement recommendations and tips that may help. Read more

Create your own cottage style with cushions and pillows

A cottage look is light and whimsical; perfect for those who love to live a more casual lifestyle. Although cottage style is very relaxed in feel, it can be very chic and sophisticated without being too overt. This look can be achieved by combining a mixture of color, comfortable fabric, furniture and accessories. Here’s how to get that easy-on-the-eyes, vintage appeal. Read more

How to Bring Comfort to Your Kitchen Nooks and Window Seat Areas

Kitchens are the place where memories are made. Baking with mom and grandma, sharing recipes past down from generation to generation and having long conversations with family over delicious holiday meals. The kitchen is the place for lots of nurturing of the body and mind; however, the kitchen should be a place that is comfortable for your family and guests so they will want to stay and linger. Since kitchens tend to be constructed of hard granite surfaces and stainless steel appliances, it seems only necessary to bring in soft, functional pieces like custom indoor cushions to convey warmth and ease to your space. Read more