Nook cushions create cozy spots for indoors and outdoors

A corner nook is a great way to add another living space inside and outside your home. Nooks create a cozy spot in a room, without overwhelming a space. These can be great spacesavers in smaller homes and can be used as a quiet place for reading in a family room or  chatting and eating in a kitchen area. Over the years, Cushion has provided many customers with lovely nook cushions for their homes.  Here’s just a sample of several very satisfied customers who chose to create and beautify their spaces by creating fresh and beautiful nooks. Read more

Designing for small spaces

Most homes in the city are not known for their enormous amount of square footage. Nevertheless, it hasn’t stopped people from wanting to live there. Designing for small spaces can be quite challenging. There are plenty of creative ways to make a small room look larger and less crowded. The question is, are you ready for your creativity to be challenged?
Searching for inventive and resourceful ways to add more functional area to a space doesn’t have to be complicated if you remember the basics of design. By using paint, lighting, window treatments and accessories you can achieve the illusion that you have a greater area of living space.

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