Accessorize your space with custom cushions

Custom Deep Seating Furniture Cushions

What is your perfect idea of a room? Hold that image in your mind and imagine what that room would look like if you removed all the cushions and pillows. Doesn’t the room feel empty and boring? It basically screams, “Accessorize me, please!” Cushions are often taken for granted. Their ability to add glam to a room goes unnoticed until you imagine what your furniture would be like without them.

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Endless Possibilities with Outdoor Drapes

Are you looking for ways to add life to your outdoor space this spring? Do you love the outdoors, but could do without the beaming 90 degree direct sunlight? Are you interested in ways to cover up areas in your home, without making it look obvious and unattractive? Do you just want some occasional privacy? Outdoor drapes are the solution! This spring, take your outdoor and indoor space from ordinary to extraordinary using these creative ideas with your outdoor drapes. Read more

Easy Tips for a Christmas Holiday Front Porch

Christmas is right around the corner. What’s your favorite part of the holidays? Shopping, cooking, parties, decorating…or just the thought that by the end of it all, you will have eaten more than your fair share of cookies, pies and turkey and only a higher number on the scale to show for it. OK, that’s definitely NOT my favorite part of the holidays. Read more

How to Bring Comfort to Your Kitchen Nooks and Window Seat Areas

Kitchens are the place where memories are made. Baking with mom and grandma, sharing recipes past down from generation to generation and having long conversations with family over delicious holiday meals. The kitchen is the place for lots of nurturing of the body and mind; however, the kitchen should be a place that is comfortable for your family and guests so they will want to stay and linger. Since kitchens tend to be constructed of hard granite surfaces and stainless steel appliances, it seems only necessary to bring in soft, functional pieces like custom indoor cushions to convey warmth and ease to your space. Read more