Brighten your Summer with Bold Fabrics!

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While summer typically conjures thoughts of outdoor activities not always enjoyed during other seasons, it also brings about the opportunity to freshen up your living space. Bright, peppy solids and bold, energetic patterns will give your home the boost it needs to create a fun summer atmosphere. Whether you’re a fan of tons of color, or just want a bright pop of color amongst your neutrals, Cushion Source can provide you with the lively home accents you need to put together your perfect environment. Red and Orange Samples

Although I’m a neutrals enthusiast, I still believe that we are all drawn to one color or another. Why not live a little and embrace the color(s) you love? I’m not saying completely redo your home; rather throw in some extra color to break up the monotony. Sometimes we get in a décor rut and our minds tend to become blank. We’ll stick to the same scheme and never change it up because we believe it “works.” I get it; I’ve been there. This is the exact reason why summer is so exciting! Summer brings us the hope of bright color palettes within our wardrobe, so why not in our home?

Pink and Purple Samples


At Cushion Source, we offer a large selection of beautiful, eye-catching fabrics to furnish your home. The best thing about our fabric selection? We have both indoor AND outdoor fabrics. So not only can you liven up your interior, but your outdoor seating area as well.

Solids are great for grounding and establishing your main colors, while patterned fabric makes for perfect accessories by incorporating other colors into your scheme. I’ve created a few images featuring swatches of our quality fabrics in coordinating colors and patterns.


Note: Do NOT be afraid of mixing patterns!

Fabric Rainbow
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