Wicker Furniture: Endless Possibilities

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Wicker furniture serves as a timeless addition to any space. Wicker furniture and accessories can be traced back to ancient Egyptian and Roman times, proving it to be a truly lasting option that has never gone out of style. Traditional wicker is a weave constructed of natural fibers found within the core of rattan, bamboo or cane stalks, and in some cases it is made of reed grass or long twigs. Newer versions of wicker furniture include resin or plastic fiber weaves that are perfect for uncovered outdoor areas that are exposed to the elements. If you are using natural wicker for your outdoor space, make sure it is protected from precipitation and sunlight by sheltering it with furniture covers or by treating it with a weather-proof seal.

Although we know wicker is timeless,  it is also undeniably perfect for entertaining! Because natural wicker is made from woven fibers, it is lightweight and can be easily moved around to accommodate guests in any location, whether inside or outside. While most wood furniture seating tends to be uncomfortable and stiff, wicker offers flexibility for exceptional relaxation. The woven fibers are better suited to conform to body weight which provides greater accommodation and fit for anyone.

While other wood seating can be bulky and cumbersome, it can also appear to be cold and unwelcoming. Wicker furniture is warm and inviting as it not only provides better comfort, but it also gives a light and airy appeal. The woven structure of wicker offers an abundance of organic texture to make a dull space more interesting. Wicker is the quintessential furniture material for all ages and all décor tastes. With a multitude of designs and styles to choose from, wicker furniture is sure to show off your unique character.

To supplement the comfort of wicker, custom wicker furniture cushions can be added to enhance the satisfaction of your wicker seating. Cushions can also add vibrant color and individuality to your wicker furniture, giving the senses a visual boost! At Cushion Source, we offer a wide variety of beautiful indoor and outdoor fabrics to choose from, as well as flat and tufted style options for your wicker furniture cushions. We also know that wicker seating comes in a vast array of shapes, sizes and designs which all require special wicker furniture cushions for the perfect fit. Provide your wicker furniture with a cushion tailored and customized in your choice of fabric to accentuate your seating area.

>>I’ve included a couple of wicker furniture cushion ideas that I created featuring some of our stunning ikat and tribal-inspired fabrics. These flowing fabrics pair beautifully with the natural look and texture of wicker furniture.<<



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