Take the Green Home Challenge

Take The Green Home Challenge this spring and learn three ways to add life to your outdoor space and heal the environment. By using recyclable, eco-friendly and all natural products, you can do your part in saving the environment from the comfort of your own home. Learn how you can create an eye-catching outdoor space by simply incorporating design, quality and eco-friendly products.

Recyclable Outdoor Fabric

Chaise lounge chairs are the perfect accessory to any pool or backyard area, but what makes these loungers extra special are their chic cushions. Natural tones in these cushions contrast perfectly with the auburn concrete and floral scenery. It is soothing neutral colors mixed with colors that portray energy and happiness, making this outdoor setting relaxing and joyful. The stripes give the seating an edgy and stylish feel compared to a solid fabric on this solid painted flooring. The Sunbrella Watson Latte cushions from Cushion Source are elegant, classic, stylish and bold all at once. Not only should the overall beauty of this outdoor area catch your attention, the choice and quality of fabric should too.

Sunbrella began in 1961 with one goal in mind; to make awnings from high quality performance fabrics that would survive the harshest conditions, while looking beautiful. Fifty years later, Sunbrella is still committed to that goal and is now one of the leading suppliers in indoor and outdoor fabric. Sunbrella has grown tremendously since awnings. Their fabric can now be seen on boats, convertible car tops, umbrellas, outdoor furniture, indoor furniture, commercial properties and resorts.

Why Sunbrella? Sunbrella is not only committed to leading the fabric industry, it is also on the forefront of protecting the environment and is committed to exceeding industry benchmarks for environmental concern. Sunbrella is committed to sustainability and durability, which is why Cushion Source and other homeowners choose Sunbrella as the leading choice of fabric when it comes to the Green Home Challenge.

Sunbrella’s dyeing process reduces water and energy consumption in order to avoid wastewater that is normally associated from conventional dyeing. Sunbrella fabrics are green-guard certified for indoor air quality. Green guard certification assures buyers that they can be confident using Sunbrella fabrics to promote healthy air indoors. Count on Sunbrella to remain in harmony with the environment with every piece of fabric made.

Thanks to Glen Raven Inc., Sunbrella now offers recycling services to its previous customers. Sunbrella recycles 100 percent of all industrial and office waste so absolutely nothing goes to the landfill. This new process is called “Recycle My Sunbrella,” and allows customers to return their fabrics for reuse in sports equipment, rugs, padding and car insulation. In addition, along with the fabric itself, all of the packaging and shipping materials used to return the Sunbrella fabric is recycled too.

Not convinced yet? Sunbrella received recommendation by The Skin Cancer Foundation, an international organization dedicated to the prevention of skin cancer. Sunbrella is certified as an aid in the prevention of UV rays to the skin, which is why Sunbrella is the premiere choice in umbrella and awning fabrics. The Cushion Source umbrella pictured here adds an additional accessory to the area, and its Sunbrella awning fabric protects the skin and lasts for years without fade.

Eco-Friendly Filling

The filling in cushion and pillow production is just as important as the Cushion Source Sunbrella fabric used in the design. BioComfort filling, used in cushions and pillows, is known for its performance in comfort, support and durability, but most of all, its eco-friendly filling. Prestige Fabricators manufacture BioComfort, a polyurethane foam, and is an excellent choice in cushion inserts because of its “green” chemicals used in foam manufacturing.

BioComfort foam is made from soy-based chemicals and helps reduce the use of petroleum-based chemicals found in normal foam processing. BioComfort filling is approved for indoor air quality and is made without ozone depletes, mercury, lead and other heavy metals. Prestige is a major contributor in eco-friendly products and continues to take steps in advancing BioComfort and protecting and healing the environment.

Teak Your Environment

To complete the Green Home Challenge, homeowners need to make accessories and furniture work together to contribute to clean air. In the photograph, the homeowner has incorporated Sunbrella fabric for the cushions and umbrella, which are both environmentally friendly and beautiful. The natural beauty, however, comes from the wooden teak furniture. The cushions, umbrella and teak lounge chairs have two things in common: they aren’t harmful to the environment, and they are second-to-none in durability and outdoor appeal. Overall, this photo is a great example of a way to enhance and green your outdoor space.

Ask any outdoor furniture expert and he or she will say that teak wood is the best material for outdoor furniture and accessories. Teak has a natural resistance to outdoor effects from rain, sun and harsh weather conditions, and it is resistant to insect infestation. Teak wood is extremely durable and its superior long-lasting quality does not go unnoticed.

Teak wood has been around for centuries. Its reputation for elegant, high-end natural furniture is always in style and complements every outdoor space. Teak requires almost no maintenance and its life span is unmatched. Teak wood contains a natural high oil content which resists rot, mildew and insects. Its beauty and sustainability are why teak continues to hold an outstanding name.

Another reason teak wood is part of the Green Home Challenge is because it is harvested from government-controlled forests. For each tree that is cut down during the manufacturing process, another tree is planted. It is a one-for-one deal. This replenishing effect is great for the environment. Elephants are used to transport teak cuttings to and from the manufacturing plants to cut back on heavy machinery and chemicals leaking into the atmosphere. During manufacturing, teak wood is kiln dried to prevent splitting once the finished product is complete.

As teak products age, they turn a beautiful grey patina color. This is what is happening in the photograph. If you admire this color then teak requires zero maintenance. This coloring cycle is a natural process due to the teak oils being oxidized. It does not cause damage or weaken the wood.

If you want your teak color to stay consistent and remain the original honey color, simply seal teak furniture with teak sealer approximately two weeks after the purchase. The teak sealer should only be applied once a year to maintain the honey tones. The choice between silver and honey tones is ultimately up to the buyer, but the natural, eco-friendly, resistance to harsh conditions is no question.

With spring quickly approaching, the Green Home Challenge provides you a way to update your outdoor space with cushions, umbrellas and drapes made from recyclable Sunbrella fabric, design cushions filled with eco-friendly BioComfort filling and tie everything together will an all-natural teak furniture set. This outdoor space is a perfect example of what the Green Home Challenge is all about. Not only is it beautiful, comfortable and inviting; it will last years, require little to no maintenance, resist water damage, not fade in the sun and do its part in making the environment clean and healthy for its owners.

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