Must Love Dog Beds

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Like many people, I am obsessed with my dogs. (That is probably an understatement.) While I prefer my rescued mélanges, I live and breathe dogs no matter the shape or size. I know that I am not alone in my affection for dogs, which is why I decided to feature pet beds this week.

We provide the option for you as a pet owner to order pet beds to please their pooch. However, we also give our customers the opportunity to order pet bedding completely designed by the customers themselves. A template will be needed for unique shapes and sizes. Got a DIY or custom dog bed frame that needs a certain shaped cushion? No problem!


When creating an exceptional bed for your pup, I would personally recommend using an outdoor fabric. These versatile fabrics are waterproof, fade-resistant, and mildew-resistant, making them ideal for pet beds. If you have bountiful shedders like I do, outdoor fabrics are your best option because they super easy to clean. We also have tons of indoor fabrics to choose from for those who may not own slobbery clowns like some of us.

Another great thing about custom pet bedding is that customers have the choice of thickness and filling. Our optimal fill is perfect for aging, pregnant, or post-surgery pet. This fill features a foam center, memory gel swirl foam on top and bottom, all of which is then wrapped in batting and enclosed in a water-resistant ticking with a zipper. What more could you ask for?


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