It’s a Jungle Out There | How to Bring Animal Prints into Your Home Without Going All Snooki

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Animal prints are a classic look to accent your home with, and by classic I mean prehistoric. Earliest historical findings show that animal pelts were worn as clothing. As we learned how to weave and make textiles, furs became more of a source of warmth in the winter months; fur coats, blankets, rugs kept us cozy during harsh cold spells. As we began building permanent structures for shelter and bringing fire indoors with us, furs became more of a sign of wealth and status. Fast-forwarding to the last 60+ decades where wearing fur was fashionable to now when we are much more conscious of our furry friends – we have a lot of options when it comes to incorporating animal prints and faux furs into our homes.
As a child in the 90’s I was obsessed with Lisa Frank; animal prints were an explosion of rainbows and glitter. The Spice Girls, likewise, taught me that faux furs should be shaggy, Technicolor, and numerous. Nowadays animal prints are associated with the likes of Snooki, Kim Kardashian, and other lesser known reality TV stars. Below are some tips on how to add faux furs and animal prints to your home while emulating NONE of the above:

For the More Domesticated Sorts:



These tiger-striped pillows are an easy way for the tame-at-heart to let a little bit of their wide side out. The overall neutrals of this room, paired with the crisp lines of the bookcase, offer a perfect frame for this dramatic piece of abstract art. The wicker chair and containers, worn ladder, and corduroy sofa create a tactile adventure that is both warm and earthy.







For those who are slightly more daring, yet aren’t prepared to give up the creature comforts of your home’s overall style, this faux zebra pelt rug can add a fresh look to your floor. I love that it is paired in this room with pops of live greenery. These wild elements turn what might be a rather drab room into a sophisticated safari, without the dead animals on the walls.




For the Fearless Fashionistas:



Source: Homes and Gardens, UK




This room could definitely cross the Lisa Frank line, but it does it with such tenacity that you can’t help but love it. This is Lisa Frank, the career woman. I have a feeling we’re going to see a LOT more yellows as we cross into the fall season. The rich, rich, rich cadmium-color wall is so fresh that it makes it ok that this room breaks so many “design rules.” 1. Never pair red and yellow (unless on a hotdog), 2. Don’t mix animal prints, 3. Don’t mix styles. This room smashes them all and never looks back. There’s only one word for this room: Fierce.









Nope, your glasses are fine; this is a fantastically whimsical Dalmatian print wallpaper. With enough spots to drive Cruella Deville and Lady MacBeth both nuts, I’m a little gaga over the insane style of this wallpaper. This wall, paired with a gold bookcase, is an easy way to make a gigantic statement while not making a single hole in your wall! Perfect for only the most daring fashionista. I would swoon over this in a walk-in closet or maybe even a bathroom, though I don’t know if I could stand it dominating an entire room. My suggestions for this? Look for it in an easily removable wallpaper, or better yet find fabric with an animal print that you love and create a starch paste for an easy to put up (and take down) party for your walls.






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