Game Week: Alabama vs. Texas A&M

As a follow-up to the Classy Custom Collegiate Décor post, I wanted to focus on this weekend’s big game: University of Alabama vs. Texas A&M. Even if you’re not a college football fan, you still probably know this is a huge deal. It might even be the biggest game in college football this season.

I’ll give you a little rundown of why this is major. Ok, so in 2011, it was announced that Texas A&M would enter the SEC and begin their rookie season in 2012. Mind you, just last year they began playing in the SEC. (I can’t emphasize this enough.) The SEC is by far the toughest conference in college football. Texas A&M was scheduled to play the number one ranked University of Alabama, obviously one of the hardest teams to play in college football.

I, like a lot of people, thought that these guys would have a rough first year. Well, they didn’t. On November 10, 2012, #15 Texas A&M beat the number one team in the nation. Whoa. I won’t get into specs (20-0 lead in the first quarter; their quarterback, the true freshman Johnny Manziel, threw for 253 yards and ran for 92 yards), but this was quite a feat.

So, as you can see, this week’s game is going to be a monumental occasion in college football. Possible new rival for Alabama? I think it’s safe to say yes!

While you’re glued to the TV to see if A&M can pull it off again, or if you’re hoping for a Bama victory, you should be surrounded in comfort. You never know when you’ll get exhausted from jumping up and down, clenching your teeth and fists, or shouting until you lose your voice. Custom throw and floor pillows are exactly what one needs to achieve much needed relaxation before, during, and after the game.

I chose fabrics for these throw pillows that remind me of this game. Both Alabama and Texas A&M are crimson. Bama fans love their houndstooth because of their beloved coach, the late and great Bear Bryant. I selected the Robert Allen Tweedy fabric because it reminds me of Bear Bryant and the days when coaches wore classic suits on the sidelines.

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  1. Peggy McFaden says:

    Love the blog! Roll Tide!