Classy Custom Collegiate Decor

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As a company located in the South, we at Cushion Source are surrounded by the phenomenon that is college football. This is not just an everyday occurrence – this is a lifestyle. College football is like Christmas to us Southerners; a Christmas that lasts around four months. We anticipate the first kickoff of the next season as soon as the last game ends. We long for those crisp fall Saturdays like children anxiously awaiting a visit from Santa. We make our own wish lists consisting of top ten predictions, new collegiate clothing and accessories, and guest lists for our next tailgating event. We serve copious amounts of food and beverages to which we indulge to no end.

Being a diehard fan comes with the pressure of expressing infinite loyalty to your team. Of course, there is always the option of decorating your home with premade collegiate products that usually do not flow throughout your home. These products can come off as mancave-ish, which is not always the look that every fan is looking for. However, by adding custom products in collegiate colors, you can create a fun, friendly environment without sacrificing your home’s style and charm. Who says that you can’t make collegiate décor classy?

With exactly 23 days until kickoff, here are some images I’ve created to inspire classy custom collegiate décor in your home!




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